About the Terrorist Criminal Archetype

The Terrorist

About the Terrorist Criminal Archetype Terrorism is believed to be the manifestation of psyche. This is the time in which people recognize that psyche is an autonomous factor in the world affairs. It is believed that the psychological root why terrorism happens is because of fanatical resentment. Fanatical resentment is referred to as a quasi-psychotic […]

The Opportunistic Criminal Archetype

The Opportunistic

About the Opportunistic Criminal Archetype Opportunistic criminal archetypes are driven by their impulsiveness. They are the kind of criminals who are stealing personal computers while their target are at the airport, or mug an old and weak person or break a property if the owners are not around. Most of the time they are seen […]

The Con Artist Archetype

The Con Artist

About the Con Artist Criminal Archetypes I met a tree trimming service guy that used to teach classes about how to protect against con artists. He said that the tells are mostly psychological. Although, for con artist criminal archetypes, money is their way to go. They are always changing their clothing, identity and location in […]

The Manipulator Archetype

The Manipulators

About Manipulator Criminal Archetypes There are different types of social influence in which one of these is the psychological influence or manipulation. This aims to alter or change the behaviour or perception of other people through abusive, deceptive or underhanded tactics. Through advancing the manipulators’ interests, usually on another expense like methods can be considered […]

The Mastermind Archetype

The Masterminds

About the Mastermind Criminal Archetype The mastermind criminal archetype individuals are very much confident, containing an aura of wisdom as well as a calm attitude. They are usually the ones who are keeping their hands clean by means of relying on underling blames and reasons. Paranoia takes place with these kinds of criminal leaders. If […]

The Criminal World

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