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The Terrorist

About the Terrorist Criminal Archetype

Terrorism is believed to be the manifestation of psyche. This is the time in which people recognize that psyche is an autonomous factor in the world affairs. It is believed that the psychological root why terrorism happens is because of fanatical resentment.

Fanatical resentment is referred to as a quasi-psychotic hatred which has been originated from the depths of the archetypal psyche and has been carried by the religious energies. One of the classic literary examples of this terrorist criminal archetype is the Melville’s Moby Dick wherein Captain Ahab along with his fanatical hatred of White Whale. This is a paradigm of what a modern terrorist is.

In most cases, an articulate terrorist would express themselves through the use of religious or archetypal terminologies. With this, the enemy would appear as the Devil or the Principle of Objective Evil while the terrorist would act and perceive himself as the “heroic” agent of divine and Objective Justice, in other words, the terrorist is the God. In addition to that, this is also the archetypal inflation of demonic proportions through which it temporarily grants every individual with effectiveness and superhuman energy. If you want to easily deal with terrorism, it is important that you understand all the aspects related to it.

They would usually sacrifice their personal life and own gain for the benefit of their transpersonal, collective value, a national identity or ethnic, religion, patriotic vision and most of all for the service of their leader called “god”. Despite of being perverse and idiosyncratic however it is fundamentally a religious phenomenon which has been derived from the archetypal, collective unconscious.  Continue reading

The Opportunistic

About the Opportunistic Criminal Archetype

Opportunistic criminal archetypes are driven by their impulsiveness. They are the kind of criminals who are stealing personal computers while their target are at the airport, or mug an old and weak person or break a property if the owners are not around. Most of the time they are seen stupid but it doesn’t mean that they are not threats to those wealthy persons.

In general, opportunistic criminal archetypes are below average when it comes to intelligence. Usually, they are not that sophisticated to act and not that rational in particular. They are not doing a specific plan about the actions they are going to make. For that reason, the access they have to their resources are very much limited. However, they are still looking for privacy even if the actions they take are drawing out a regular attention into them. The crimes they are committed to are done without having any planning whenever the perpetrators sees that a person has a great chance in committing an act at a particular moment and then seize it.

There are ten known principles when it comes on those opportunistic criminal archetypes as follows: Continue reading

The Con Artist

About the Con Artist Criminal Archetypes

I met a tree trimming service guy that used to teach classes about how to protect against con artists. He said that the tells are mostly psychological.

Although, for con artist criminal archetypes, money is their way to go. They are always changing their clothing, identity and location in order to suit on their next operation or job, which is more rewarding. Their work usually needs to have an appropriate time, especially in planning and in executing techniques. Aside from that, they are also focused on obtaining a more rewarding kind of schemes. They also have adequate people skills. They have the ability to talk their way out in the best way that they can be. They are always working in small groups or sometime love to work alone. They are shunning from any form of violence and they are not more than those kinds of average fighters. In most cases, they are keeping a scheme with good account in order to pull off the fear or slipping off.

When it comes to the way they dress, they always change and wear new attire. The way they dress in certain scams merely depends on the character or the person they are trying to impersonate. The kind of organizations that they have can be described as outsiders and usually hired in order to come up with a plan with bigger cons as well as in giving off fake identities. Every time they join a criminal organization, they are always relying on robberies, plan heists and so on and so forth. They are helping in carrying out the work even though they are tasks to do those east tasks. Aside from that, the knowledge of customs that they have are accompanying the masterminds when it comes on making deals. They are expected to give cover-ups as well as fronts for their organizations. Continue reading

The Manipulators

About Manipulator Criminal Archetypes

There are different types of social influence in which one of these is the psychological influence or manipulation. This aims to alter or change the behaviour or perception of other people through abusive, deceptive or underhanded tactics. Through advancing the manipulators’ interests, usually on another expense like methods can be considered abusive, exploitative, deceptive and devious. When we talk about social influence, it does not mean that it is always negative, like for example, specialist can try to persuade their patients to change their unhealthy habits. This is a way of manipulating however it is not a negative thing. Social influence can be perceived harmless if it is respecting the right of the influence to reject or accept and not unduly coercive.

So how do manipulators control their victims? Braiker identified several ways on how every manipulator controls their victims. Some of these are as follows:  Continue reading

The Masterminds

About the Mastermind Criminal Archetype

The mastermind criminal archetype individuals are very much confident, containing an aura of wisdom as well as a calm attitude. They are usually the ones who are keeping their hands clean by means of relying on underling blames and reasons.

Paranoia takes place with these kinds of criminal leaders. If ever they are not able to control certain situation, then, you can rest assure that they are going to make any form of attempts in order to gain control of those things. They have their own side of business, which allows them to block their own emotions. Giving respect is very important as it leads to successful power of holding. It can possibly lead on appearing as evil and uncaring. Mastermind criminal archetypes are always on lead figures and most of the time, they originated from a previous type and then possess a lot of those criminal traits.

These individuals are usually Continue reading

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