The Con Artist

About the Con Artist Criminal Archetypes

I met a tree trimming service guy that used to teach classes about how to protect against con artists. He said that the tells are mostly psychological.

Although, for con artist criminal archetypes, money is their way to go. They are always changing their clothing, identity and location in order to suit on their next operation or job, which is more rewarding. Their work usually needs to have an appropriate time, especially in planning and in executing techniques. Aside from that, they are also focused on obtaining a more rewarding kind of schemes. They also have adequate people skills. They have the ability to talk their way out in the best way that they can be. They are always working in small groups or sometime love to work alone. They are shunning from any form of violence and they are not more than those kinds of average fighters. In most cases, they are keeping a scheme with good account in order to pull off the fear or slipping off.

When it comes to the way they dress, they always change and wear new attire. The way they dress in certain scams merely depends on the character or the person they are trying to impersonate. The kind of organizations that they have can be described as outsiders and usually hired in order to come up with a plan with bigger cons as well as in giving off fake identities. Every time they join a criminal organization, they are always relying on robberies, plan heists and so on and so forth. They are helping in carrying out the work even though they are tasks to do those east tasks. Aside from that, the knowledge of customs that they have are accompanying the masterminds when it comes on making deals. They are expected to give cover-ups as well as fronts for their organizations.

The exemplary schemes that con artist criminal archetypes have includes impersonating a person who is trusted and well known, selling fake merchandise items, setting up a dummy corporation given the fact that it can give an average income on a short and long run they are operating with.

Con artist criminal archetypes are best known as matchstick man, grafter and scam artist wherein they are attempting in gaining the confidence of those naïve people and take part from their money or play as a fool long enough in order to get the things they all wanted to have and that is to pull off the con.

Most of the time, con artist criminal archetypes are spinning a sob story in order to get the victim hooked. After that, the social engineering will now come out and a very gifted con artist will try to get away with anything by means of appearing naïve and sincere. For a much complicated cons, the caper crew will come out in the game wherein there will be large teams that will get involved and every member of the team are going to play a specific role. Con artist are seen as the star because they are confining their own schemes into cheating to the unlikable and rich.

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