The Masterminds

About the Mastermind Criminal Archetype

The mastermind criminal archetype individuals are very much confident, containing an aura of wisdom as well as a calm attitude. They are usually the ones who are keeping their hands clean by means of relying on underling blames and reasons.

Paranoia takes place with these kinds of criminal leaders. If ever they are not able to control certain situation, then, you can rest assure that they are going to make any form of attempts in order to gain control of those things. They have their own side of business, which allows them to block their own emotions. Giving respect is very important as it leads to successful power of holding. It can possibly lead on appearing as evil and uncaring. Mastermind criminal archetypes are always on lead figures and most of the time, they originated from a previous type and then possess a lot of those criminal traits.

These individuals are usually leading an organization or serves as a gang leader and advisors. They are usually giving jobs for the lower gang members and then make deals with those outside costumers or contractors. Even though they doesn’t want to make their hands dirty, they do not mind having key positions for a certain job that are perfectly fit into a previous criminal archetype most especially those that comes in small gangs. Aside from that, they are also always taking a lead position. They are making sure that all of their members fully understand their own jobs.  By not having a crew in this kind of archetype is very much useless and will later on sort into the past archetype schemes and skills.

In most cases, mastermind criminal archetypes are very much private and they are operating far below the screen of radar. As a matter of fact, they are usually taking pains in order to involve the involvement they have in a certain illegal activity. They can plan doing a crime in a specific country against citizens coming from other country. They have the ability to easily look for those state of the art weapons that are more advanced than those weapons available in law enforcement agencies.

Most of the time they are very much focused on doing pecuniary reward. Aside from that, they are also seeking for a high level of power as well as control on their environment and to the people that they talk with. They are very brilliant, intelligent, sophisticated and rationale. The logic they have are distorted. They are very much oriented in planning as well as in accessing those extensive resources if ever they need. They come in all forms of people like CEOs as well as those people who are running as a specialized crew to a soloists.

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