The Opportunistic

About the Opportunistic Criminal Archetype

Opportunistic criminal archetypes are driven by their impulsiveness. They are the kind of criminals who are stealing personal computers while their target are at the airport, or mug an old and weak person or break a property if the owners are not around. Most of the time they are seen stupid but it doesn’t mean that they are not threats to those wealthy persons.

In general, opportunistic criminal archetypes are below average when it comes to intelligence. Usually, they are not that sophisticated to act and not that rational in particular. They are not doing a specific plan about the actions they are going to make. For that reason, the access they have to their resources are very much limited. However, they are still looking for privacy even if the actions they take are drawing out a regular attention into them. The crimes they are committed to are done without having any planning whenever the perpetrators sees that a person has a great chance in committing an act at a particular moment and then seize it.

There are ten known principles when it comes on those opportunistic criminal archetypes as follows:

  1. For opportunistic criminal archetypes, opportunities are playing a vital role in causing all forms of crimes
  2. Opportunistic criminal archetypes are very much specific
  3. Opportunistic criminal archetypes are taking a great concentration when it comes on space and time
  4. Opportunistic criminal archetypes depends on the everyday movements
  5. Opportunistic criminal archetypes believes that when a once crime has been produces, there will be other opportunities to come
  6. Opportunistic criminal archetypes believes that products are providing a crime which is more tempting
  7. Opportunistic criminal archetypes understands that technological and social changes are producing new opportunities in doing crimes
  8. Opportunistic criminal archetypes understands that the opportunities in doing crime can be reduced
  9. Opportunistic criminal archetypes also know  that when a crime has been reduced, it will not displace the crime
  10. Opportunistic criminal archetypes are focusing on those opportunities that can really give a wider commitment of crime

Opportunistic criminal archetypes lie on the social functions. The concept of deviance and norms enters which dictates the lifestyle that a certain person have. Therefore, most of time, the people that are mostly the subject of opportunistic criminal acts are those people living in a wealthy lifestyle and has something to steel form.

It is very important to make sure that every time a person will be on a vacation with his whole family, their home is secured. In this way, opportunistic criminal archetypes will not be able to steel something in your home. Aside from that it is also important for a person to keep all his valuables less visible to these kind of criminals in order to avoid further illegal acts.

Being aware with this kind of criminal is a good thing to do in order to secure the security of your property as well as the safety of every person.

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