The Terrorist

About the Terrorist Criminal Archetype

Terrorism is believed to be the manifestation of psyche. This is the time in which people recognize that psyche is an autonomous factor in the world affairs. It is believed that the psychological root why terrorism happens is because of fanatical resentment.

Fanatical resentment is referred to as a quasi-psychotic hatred which has been originated from the depths of the archetypal psyche and has been carried by the religious energies. One of the classic literary examples of this terrorist criminal archetype is the Melville’s Moby Dick wherein Captain Ahab along with his fanatical hatred of White Whale. This is a paradigm of what a modern terrorist is.

In most cases, an articulate terrorist would express themselves through the use of religious or archetypal terminologies. With this, the enemy would appear as the Devil or the Principle of Objective Evil while the terrorist would act and perceive himself as the “heroic” agent of divine and Objective Justice, in other words, the terrorist is the God. In addition to that, this is also the archetypal inflation of demonic proportions through which it temporarily grants every individual with effectiveness and superhuman energy. If you want to easily deal with terrorism, it is important that you understand all the aspects related to it.

They would usually sacrifice their personal life and own gain for the benefit of their transpersonal, collective value, a national identity or ethnic, religion, patriotic vision and most of all for the service of their leader called “god”. Despite of being perverse and idiosyncratic however it is fundamentally a religious phenomenon which has been derived from the archetypal, collective unconscious. 

The terrorist criminal archetype individuals are perceived as the dark knight through whom they serve a warped code of honor. Aside from that, they are also individuals who are self-righteous in which they only believe on their own virtue and would usually judge people around them through the use of strict and firm set of rules and laws. At the end of every act they do, they would usually justify their nefarious means and there will be no conventional morality that will provide them with pause.

Furthermore, you also need to understand that terrorist criminal archetypes are not criminals and they are not also madmen, despite of the fact that they possess such qualities. There are some who call them zealots instead of criminals. Zealots are usually possessed by those transpersonal archetypal dynamisms which have been derived from collective unconscious. These individuals have goals which are not focused for personal usage but for a group or collective. You would notice that criminals do things for their own personal gain however zealot does different things.

Most of the ingredients that makes up the mind of a terrorist would include: compensated by internal before-the-mirror strutting in the living theatre of acts of violence, perceived lack of self-worth, emotional coldness, self-annihilating suicidal drive as well as annulled conscience of child-killer or rapist. On the other hand, these are just thoughts on how other people perceive a terrorist criminal archetype.

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